Visa Assistance

We provide advice and assistance in processing your visas for U.K. and U.S. tours, and can prepare documents for many other countries for touring.

Processing of these documents can then be done by the applicants or by one of our preferred partner visa companies.

Click on the sub menus in order to see basic/initial information on a number of touring destinations.


One thought on “Visa Assistance”

  1. Hi There

    I was referred to you by Tamizdat. I’m anticipating an approved US Visa petition (O1/O2 – 7 people) in the next couple of days and was just looking for some help/support in booking and expediting London embassy appointments, as I’m currently in Australia and could do with having someone on the ground helping to make sure there’s no hiccups. Is this something you offer/can help with?

    Our departure date to the US is 6th September.

    Many thanks

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